Monday, October 24, 2016

The Future Vet

"My biggest dream is to be a charity vet"
 This year I have been neglecting a lot my beloved grasslands and instead, I have put long hours into the stories of “A Hat of Many Dreams”. They say that one leads by example and that children don’t always listen to what you say, but will always notice what you do. Therefore it didn’t come as an entire surprise when this little lady I call my own took the hat, put it on her head and asked me to interview her “seriously, just like you do with the grownups you are working with”

Looking at this post makes me smile for more than one reason. I love her altruism, her dreams and her beautiful, golden heart. But it's her smile that makes me day dream for a second. A good friend once asked me if I see myself, looking at my children. I know now what he meant. For just a few minutes, her smile reminded me of my own. It is an old set of photos that my father took, possibly at the same age, and I am sure that if I was to put these sets together, it would be like looking at twins. 

 - My biggest dream is to be a vet and to help animals that are hurt. I would like to be a charity vet. When some people don’t want their pets anymore, I am going to be that vet who looks after the pets until someone wants them. I am going to do both: look after the pets as a vet and have an animal sanctuary. 

I love being an artist too; I like that you can design your own art and name it yourself. You can even have your own art gallery. I like that you can use different things and different techniques – you can use anything you want: fabrics, glue, sticky tape, paints, pencils, pastels, oils. Every type of medium.

Out of modesty, she didn’t mention her artistic achievements so I asked her how she feels about winning the First Prize at Strathnairn’s “Squares” exhibition.
- This year I have worked on my portfolio a lot. Getting that 1st prize was a surprise; I didn’t expect to win. I got a diploma and I loved that my prize was an Eckersley’s voucher. I bought more arts supplies and tried things I haven’t done before. My favourite things were Fimo, a set of proper sketching pencils and proper drawing paper. Lately, I have been experimenting a lot with mixed media.
I have 2 other works in another exhibition at Belconnen Arts Centre. They are about nature. 

I love nature and animals. My best friend and I are planning to get our own show. We want to teach people about wildlife and about Australia’s native species. We will start shooting through the grasslands soon; we will take photographs and we will make documentaries, too. We want to make DVDs with our show and sell them for $15. This should finance the vet hospital. 

I like designing fashion, too. I am working on inventing a dress called snake skin. It will look like it has scales. It’s not going to be a costume; it will be a proper dress with a design like the snake skin. Hopefully the ladies will like it and will leave the snakes alone. I would like to make children dresses as well. Girls deserve to be stylish too.

My first favourite book was “The Wizard of Oz”. I got it when I was 4. I liked the story – it was really good and the (Robert Sabuda) pop-up design was amazing. Right now, I am into the Rainbow Fairies books, which I can read by myself.

What would she do if she had 15 minutes of fame?
- That is a very good question, coz I am not sure what to say. There are three things I would do, if I were famous:
(Counting on her fingers:)
1. I would make sure all the thieves and bad people will go to jail for good and they cannot hurt anyone again.
2. I would help all the vets to be able to always look after all the animals in need.
3. I would make the jail strong enough so the bad guys will never ever escape. That should make the world better.

What would she like to tell the world?
- The thing I don’t like mostly about grown-ups is that they are bossy. I like it more when they listen to me and what I have to say. I am an amazing 6 year-old; I have done so many things that are amazing and I will do some more.