Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Inquisitive Man

"I want to be a lots of things. I can be anything I want!"
"This is called a beam and beams are used in constructions. I am making a house and I am adding the finishing touches".
One of the things I like about Master George is his eloquence. When he meets someone new, he introduces himself and then he is able to carry out an entire conversation – one doesn’t even have to try hard to interest this 3yo in having a chat.

When I grow up, I can be anything I want. I want to be lots of things. But first, I think I want to be a fire fighter because it’s hard work. Then I am going to be a builder because I want to build houses and fix things. And I want to drive diggers and construction machines. I love big cranes, graders and excavators. I want to be a truck driver and a gardener and I want to be a teacher like Mr McCoy. I can’t speak Spanish but I speak excavator. I want to be a photographer too, but only when I have time from my driving because I might be tired from all that hard work”.

His personality is already quite complex, hinting at the man he is going to be: there is the pensive George, the cheeky one, the humorous, the caring, the clever and above all, the inquisitive. There aren’t a lot of “whys” during a typical day with George. His favourite question is “How does this work?”
How does an engine run? What makes it go? How do the wheels spin? How does the light turn on? What is electricity – how does it get through to the toaster? How did the Fire Engine at the Museum melt? How is the rain made? These are just a few of the question you might expect if you cross paths with this amazing little man.



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